Concord Recovers

From the Treasurer | Chris Mellini | Concord Plaza Hotel

Concord, a great place to live, visit and do business.

As we reflect on 2022 and look forward into 2023, we see very positive signs of returning to normal. Amidst the challenges of COVID-19 we see a great community with people that are truly committed to moving forward.

The Visit Concord team is also very committed the Local Community, Businesses, and the Hotels.  Reflecting on 2022, Visit Concord has employed a marketing strategy that anticipates positive activity in the Concord market. The 2023 strategy continues to drive a marketing plan that expands on 2022 and spends our dollars in the right places to insure a positive impact on Concord.

The Hospitality Industry is also experiencing growth that is looking similar to 2019. Each month we have positive growth over last year's numbers. We are also expecting corporate travel to come alive in 2023.

Workforce development is something we all need to be focused on and collaborate to find the right people for open positions in our respective industry. As we all know, service is key to driving revenue and repeat business.

In closing, Concord has many opportunities to thrive and appeal to the business and leisure travelers. We are a true Regional hub that is able to compete with the Easy Bay and San Francisco, easily accessible to our businesses and hotels.

Visit Concord will continue to push forward and market our great community.

Chris Mellini

Chris Mellini

Chris Mellini 
Concord Plaza Hotel

Fiscal Responsibility

Visit Concord continues to maintain a low operating budget to allocate reduced funding. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Collaborative Marketing

Community Collaborations

Why Tourism Matters

The economic vitality of Concord has proven to rely heavily on tourism dollars typically spent on lodging, dining, shopping, transportation, and entertainment. These acts in turn help create jobs and improve the quality of life in our community. Both state and local tax revenue from tourism spending has gone to help fund multiple projects like arts and culture, education, roads, regional parks, economic development, affordable housing and other community programs. Whether it be for business, sports, events, leisure, or just connecting with friends and family, every person who visits Concord helps contribute to the city's economic vitality. 

For more information on Why Tourism Matters, click here

*Tourism data provided by Dean Runyan and Associates, Concord, California Visitor Impacts study 2021.

Recovery & Sustainability 

The upcoming young adults in Gen Z are proving to have a major impact when it comes to the future of traveling, their voices and preferences are crucial to understanding how tourism can continue to flourish while being environmentally conscious.

Among 18-24 year olds (referred to as Gen Z), data is now showing that the propensity to travel in the next year is at its highest. While the desire to travel among Gen Z is growing substantially, climate change has become a top issue concerning Gen Z. For more information regarding the growing impact of Gen Z's preferences with traveling and sustainability click HERE.

Tips to Become Responsible Travelers:

• Choose and stay at certified sustainable accommodations 

• Walk or use clean transportation when possible

• Limit water & energy use

• Avoid single-use plastics

• Pack reusable bags & drinking bottles

• Spend locally

For more information and tips on sustainability when staying in Concord click HERE.

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