Take The Green Path To Concord

“The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” Ecological Sustainability Interpretation


Tips to Become Responsible Travelers:

• Choose and stay at certified sustainable accommodations 

• Walk or use clean transportation when possible

• Limit water & energy use

• Avoid single-use plastics

• Pack reusable bags & drinking bottles

• Spend locally


Use Haste, Dispose Your Waste!


Don't see where your item in mind belongs? It Could be Hazardous! 

Find out more on the full guide below, or visit Central San



Make a Difference Through Your Travel


Concord is a bike friendly city that's also user-friendly. Not only are cycle-based adventures big here, but two wheels are a great option for getting around. With the Concord Bike Plan and bike-based infrastructure, navigating the city can be a breeze. 

Biking Trails             511 Contra Costa Summer Bike Challenge


With routes direct to and from major airports and two stations in Concord, BART, the Bay Area’s rapid transit system, is a great alternative to getting around by car.

Ground Transportation Info

We're Playing Our Part

Visit Concord

The Concord Visitor Center is a Certified Green Businessin Contra Costa County. The program helps businesses minimize their impact on the environment by eliminating or reducing waste, reducing energy and water consumption, and improving the quality of air and wastewater. 


The Hilton Concord has been a leader in sustainable operations for years, becoming first hotel to be recognized as a Certified Green Business in Contra Costa County. They have fully integrated measures in place to reduce energy consumption, lower water use, and maximize recycling.

See what measures have been implemented: Hilton Initiatives

Learn More about this program and others.


Many of Concord’s restaurants have gone green to conserve water, energy, and reduce waste. They now provide compostable takeout containers, and single use utensils upon request only.


We can't do this alone

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Want to travel sustainably?

Looking for more ways to have meaningful and conscientious travel experiences? Check this Sustainable Travel Study guide from Expedia Group Media Solutions!

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