You’ll find a thriving arts community has taken hold in Concord.

Local Art and Galleries

The aRt Cottage, near Downtown Concord, immediately engages artists and art enthusiasts with its inviting exterior and beautiful floral accents. Of equal interest is owner FROgard Schmidt, who was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States in the 1950′s. After studying art in places like San Francisco State and Florence, Italy she now shares what she has learned with other artists. Attend their galleries and art shows rife with local art!

"Soulbox" Exhibit.

Created by volunteers.

Others locations appealing to art lovers include the Concord Art Association. They regularly host outings and share their own art. Or care to get your hands dirty? The Red Ox Studio appeals to all – from the burgeoning artist engaging in a wheel-throwing workshop to the seasoned art collector looking for the perfect authentic piece of art. Stay tuned, as they plan to re-open their space to the public soon! 

Poster from past aRt Cottage gallery. Themes are diverse so be sure to always check out what's going on!

For the Comics and Pop Culture Fan

Not a fan of "traditional" art and art galleries? Have children? Interested in the "pop art" style of the 60s? Stop by Joe's Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff. Living up to its name, Joe's store is the birthplace of Free Comic Book Day and boasts an impressive collection of comics and art, including signed pieces by famous authors and artists! Joe has worked closely with Stan Lee as well. The store has been open since 1988 and has made its place in comicbook store and Concord history.