"Concord in the Son" by Richard W. Linford

An excerpt of the poem

I sing of 1772;

of Captain Pedro Fages;

Father Juan Crespi;

explorers to the core;

walking striding riding;

through this concord land;

its golden grass.

I sing of Concord, California;

I lived there once;

I came to love the place--

the Bonifacio Road,

the Willow Pass--

still do.

I sing of Loma Vista Junior High,

of Mount Diablo High school;

see those football games

played over in my mind,

played under lights.

The Danny Devil mascot

running round the field

in contra costa county.

Don Francisco Galindo

married Don Salvio's daughter,

maria dolores Manuela,

in the Galindo's wood frame home--

or somewhere else.

I think she did.

I think they did,

get married that is.

So say the history books,

agreeing with each other

to live in concord peace.

No doubt there were a few--

yes several days of marital bliss

at least,

some peace.

A kiss or more or two.

Religious people:



Latter-day Saints.

I sing of great grand Contra Costa bedroom town:

amazing Mount Diablo,

stand upon its top to see the world.

Those pleasant golden hills,

all prone to burning fires from summer heat

or lightning strike.

This Oakland, Berkeley suburb fair--

near Lafayette, Orinda too.

Near walnut creek,

near Danvill:

there, I sing of you.

For you are great,

my Concord town.

My California, 

i honor you.

Your Oakland Bay Bridge span to San Francisco:

cross the bay.

He paid the fare,

the fare we cannot pay.

Along the way to San Jose

when driving south on 6 8 0,

or east to Stockton--

hopefully no stocks.

Consider Concord's families first campaign:

this family friendly borough in the son.

One hundred thirty thousand strong or more,

and one yes I am one.

A one time Concordite

took flight,

yet once of Concord;

always of Concord.

'Twas once a fledgling town

called Todos Santos--

land grant country ranch.

Its monte del Diablo

named for some dense thicket dark,

once thought possessed by evil devilish men.

But now no more:

no gangs,

no bedlam in the night.

We hope

tis exorcised; 

'tis peace and light;


With some small tribelet chupcan bay miwok:

those early indian politics so incorrect.

They lived there first--

along the valley streams,

oak covered hills.

The green grass carpet makes one smile.

So green in winter,

hard to see or find one's way or make a mile

through dense and foggy mist on certain days.

I kiss the hot and yellow hilltops;

baking in the summer son.

Fernando built this new town in the son:

All Saints its name.

Yes Todo Santos fame

in 1868 with son-in-law

Francisco Galindo;

its new name soon to be

Concord, California.

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