Concord Taco Trail

The East Bay’s go-to destination for authentic Mexican food now has a name: the Concord Taco Trail. 

Concord has long been home to deliciously authentic, family-owned taquerias and restaurants and we’ve rounded up a list of the best for taco lovers to explore. And while the Taco Trail may have made its official debut in 2020, great Mexican food has always been a part of Concord’s heritage and legacy, so we say it all started in 1869. 

Creating the trail involved hours of tasty research, but first we had to establish some parameters. While many Concord restaurants may serve tacos and such, contenders had to meet some very specific criteria to make the cut: 1) the primary business must be Mexican or Latino food, 2) it must be located in Concord, and 3) it must be a single location, or one of a small number of locations (no national chains - sorry, Taco Bell, El Pollo Loco and Chipotle). And while we do love Concord’s awesome taco trucks as well, they are not featured in Taco Trail due to the lack of permanent address. Several of the restaurants do also own taco trucks, however. 

Each of the Trail's nearly 40 locations offer specialty and signature tacos including al pastor, carnitas, carne asada, crispy fish, grilled tilapia, vegitariano, and even filet mignon. There's much to explore, so fire up your sense of adventure and let the trail take you where it will. And when you do discover a glorious new favorite, be sure to take a photo and tell everyone about it at #concordtacotrail, #visitconcord and #concordeats.


The Taco Trail Passport is a mobile-exclusive website that allows you to check in at participating restaurants instantly through your phone. Just sign up at, download it to your mobile device,  and you’ll be good to go!

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CONCORD TACO TRAIL – Complete List, by District

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Monument Blvd.

El Faro Mexican Food2280 Monument Blvd(925) 827-0976
El Yahualica Tacos2699 Monument Blvd, Ste I(925) 686-0319
La Cabana Restaurant1500 Monument Blvd, Ste B(925) 293-6439
Las Chismosas Taqueria1955 Monument Blvd Ste 4E925) 691-3925
Las Morenita Market1120 Meadow Ln (near Monument)(925) 609-8748
Las Montanas Supermarket2691 Monument Blvd(925) 686-5123
Herencia Hidalguense La Casa de la Barbacoa1140 Meadow Lane (near Monument)(925) 676-6450
Mercado Del Sol1450 Monument Blvd(925) 676-8837
Mercado Del Valle1651 Monument Blvd(925) 687-7032
Pancho Villa1500 Monument Blvd Ste F13(925) 798-3155
Ranchero Taqueria1099 Reganti Dr Ste B (just off Monument)(925) 685-7101
Tortilleria El Molino1500 Monument Blvd(925) 687-7066
Taqueria Mariscos1500 Monument Blvd, Ste A1(925) 375-1955

Willow Pass Rd.

Agave Grill & Cantina 1935 Galindo St(925) 676-5252
Las Montanas Supermarket1725 Willow Pass Rd(925) 687-7417
La Tapatia Mexican Restaurant and Cantina ($$)1802 Willow Pass Rd(925) 685-1986
Mariscos La Playita1841 Willow Pass Rd(925) 276-0028
Salsa Mexican Grill1680 Willow Pass Rd, Ste C(925) 687-9300
Taqueria La Soledad1758 Salvio St(925) 689-9670
Taqueria Los Gallos Express1747 Willow Pass(925) 288-1503

Clayton Rd. 

El Mariachi Grill4673 Clayton Rd(925) 349-4482
Lisa V’s5100 Clayton Rd(925) 687-7527
Los Portales Taqueria4305 Clayton Rd(925) 691-3818
Los Tacos De Pancho2699 Clayton Rd(925) 827-0517
Taqueria Autlan3535 Clayton Rd(925) 332-5915
Taqueria La Plaza1801 Sutter St (just off Clayton Rd)(925) 671-9411
Taqueria Los Arcos4530 Clayton Rd, Ste A(925) 825-1262
Taqueria Los Palmas4787-A Clayton Rd(925) 680-7700

Todos Santos (in & near Plaza)

Canasta Kitchen ($$)2118 Mt Diablo St(925) 822-3996
La Pinata of Concord
2301 Willow Pass Rd(925) 609-9119
Taqueria Los Dos Gallos 1950 Grant St(925) 687-5988

Other Areas

Carnes Jalisco 2186 Solano Way(925) 542-6166
Cinco de Mayo 4115 Concord Blvd, Ste 22(925) 691-8855
Guacamole Authentic Mexican Grill790 Oak Grove Rd, Ste D(925) 689-4822
Guadalajara Grill5446 Ygnacio Valley Rd(925) 672-4430
Los Pinos 3375 Port Chicago Hwy(925) 825-2085
Puesto ($$)2035 Diamond Blvd(925) 334-7794
Salsa Verde Mexican Cuisine
970 Detroit Ave(925) 825-8504

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