The Monument neighborhood is nestled on the outskirts of Concord. Monument Boulevard, the main street that runs through the neighborhood is home to the majority of the Hispanic population of Concord. Mexican Markets line every corner selling fresh produce, special treats, seasoned meats and delicious tacos, burritos and more! It is also home to Costco, car repair shops and rental car companies.


Concord’s booming downtown is filled with people at all times of the day. The square, also known as Todos Santos Plaza, is home to Concord’s many restaurants and local businesses. Coffee shops, brew hubs, ice cream shops, and diverse restaurants makes the square one of the go to places when visiting Concord. Downtown also has a Bart station and is home to big corporations.


Midtown is the hidden gem of Concord. New businesses, restaurant and more are starting to pop up everywhere making it the new place to be. Running along the bustling street of Clayton Road, Midtown Concord also features many churches, hotels and affordable living spaces like apartments and townhouses. New popular businesses that have make up the Midtown District include Mona’s Burgers, Concord Tap House and Dunkin Donuts.