Sustainable Contra Costa

Cleaner Concord Challenge – You Can Make a Difference!

Visit Concord has partnered with Sustainable Contra Costa to introduce the Sustainable Concord Challenge, a website-based program that allows residents, businesses, schools, and community groups to track their progress as they implement habits and measures that help reduce waste and save water, energy, and money. 

Cleaner Concord Challenge

Progress As Of: July 20th, 2022

We want these numbers to progress!

To sign up, just click on this link, or the photo above and follow the simple instructions. Who knows, you might even be inspired to organize a group to get a friendly competition started. To join an existing group, just sign up as an individual first, then select the group. 


Click HERE to see the Sustainable Contra Costa website

It is a great resource to connect people and communities to each other and their own power – inspiring actions that save water and energy, reduce waste, and build healthy, resilient communities.

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