Staff and Board Members

Meet the Staff and Board of Visit Concord

Visit Concord Staff

Beth Javens - Executive Director

Beth Javens

Executive Director

Justine Tobias

Justine Tobias

Digital Marketing Specialist

2023-2024 Board Members

Board Members 2023

Board Members 2023

  • Board Chair - Chris Mellini, Concord Plaza Hotel
  • Vice Chair and Treasurer, Ed Sincoff, Concord Clarion 
  • Scott Fleming, Hilton Concord
  • Katrina Schuchart, SixFlags Hurricane Harbor
  • Carmen Guerrero, Concord Pavilion Live Nation Events
  • Andrea Hennings, Down to the Details
  • Guy Bjerke, City of Concord
  • Advisory - Kevin Cabral, Fiacre Inc.

Performance Expectations of the Board Member

Each Board member of Visit concord affirms the expectations outlined here and strives to perform accordingly. We treat all Board members the same when it comes to these expectations.

These expectations are clearly articulated during the recruitment process. We accept the candidate as a nominee or appointee only after s/he has agreed to fulfill these expectations. And, by accepting nomination or appointment, the individual confirms that this board service is one of his / her top volunteer and giving commitments. Learn more about the Board Member Responsibilities

Board Member Application HEREApplications for FY2023-24 due by 5 p.m on April 28, 2023.

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