Why Tourism Matters

Every person who comes to Concord contributes to the city's economic vitality


Concord’s economic vitality depends on tourism dollars to create jobs and improve quality of life in our community. Over the past several years, millions in state and local tax revenue from tourism dollars have gone to help fund things like regional parks, economic development, arts and culture, education, roads, public safety, education, affordable housing, workforce development and other community programs.
And every person who comes to Concord for business, leisure, sports, events, or just connecting with family and friends, contributes to the city’s economic vitality through dollars spent on dining, lodging, transportation, shopping, and entertainment. Without these travel-generated tax revenues, each Concord residence would have to pay an average of $370 more in taxes each year to maintain the same level of public services. Visitor spending is a major economic driver that directly impacts every resident.

The pandemic took a widespread economic toll in Concord and throughout California in 2020, and last year’s report reflected those losses across the board. However, things are looking up and there’s reason to be optimistic. While still down from pre-covid numbers, all categories across the board show increases from the previous year.

Concord, California 2021 Tourism Impacts*:

Travel spending increased from $79.3 million in 2020 to $108.9 million in 2021, +37.3% increase
Direct travel-generated employment gained 100 jobs, +8.2% increase
Direct travel-generated earnings gained 8.4 million, +14.8% increase
Tax receipts generated by travel spending were up +34.3%
Concord’s travel industry increased +37.3% compared with California’s overall increase at 46%
Hotel revenue in Concord totaled $53.1 million in 2020 and $56.4 million in 2021, a 6.2% increase
Through campaigns like Visit California’s Meet What’s Possible, and other in-house marketing initiatives, Concord looks forward to an increase in business travel and meetings & events within the year. And as sustainability and inclusiveness become increasingly important factors for meeting planners and business & recreational travelers in their destination selections, Visit Concord’s proactive initiatives in these areas will help keep the city relevant in today’s evolving tourism landscape.
Our hospitality partners have survived two rough years with challenges ranging supply chain difficulties to workforce shortages and are still doing their best to provide excellent service for their guests as they return to full operational status. We stand with them as we all continue to navigate our way to full economic recovery. It is also important to note that Visit Concord and the Visitor Center are self-funded through the 3% TID assessment tax, paid entirely by hotel guests (not the hotels themselves.)
As we do welcome more travelers back to Concord, our new Visitor Center continues to have a positive economic impact for the city through an enhanced downtown presence and collaboration with our many partners. The Visitor Center plans to offer tourism ambassador classes, pop-up events, artisan goods and business development opportunities.

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*”The Economic Impact of Travel in Concord 2021” Data provided by Dean Runyan and Associates.