Outdoors & Nature

Any day in Concord can easily become a five-star adventure of outdoor recreation with these outdoor-infused ideas.

For those who want to explore Northern California on their terms and at their own pace, Concord has the perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor recreation that provides an ideal location from which to unplug, unwind and explore all that the Bay Area, and surrounding region, has to offer—so travelers can immerse themselves in an authentic and complete Northern California experience that exhilarates the soul while allowing them to relax, breathe deep and get the most out of their stay.

Getting outside is essential in Concord. For those who are looking to explore, Concord offers the ultimate escape in Mount Diablo. Towering 3,849 feet above California, Mount Diablo brings hikers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts from all over to its 20,000-acre state park. Over 400 plant and animal species live amongst the park’s terrain, drawing visitors to experience a natural habitat and incredible panoramic views.

Concord’s climate, which boasts over 260+ days of sunshine every year, is a huge draw for those looking for some outdoor adventure year-round.

Any day in Concord can easily become a five-star adventure of outdoor recreation. Biking, hiking, or an exploratory trip to a local park all make the Concord outdoor bucket list. Make sure you enjoy it all with the help of these Concord outdoor-infused ideas.

Parks & Open Space

Take a walk, pack a picnic, or celebrate an annual festival at one of Concord’s 24+ public parks.

Mount Diablo

Start the day with a hike. Go rock climbing or take bike ride. Getting outside is essential in Concord.

Todos Santos Plaza

The ultimate community gathering place of Concord. Once you experience it, you’ll want to come back again and again.

HikingThrow the necessities in your backpack and hit the trail because the view is about to get incredible when hiking in Concord.


Concord’s diversified landscape offers a route for all skill levels and modes of two-wheeled transportation.

It’s easy to start your outdoor adventure in Concord.