Throw the necessities in your backpack and hit the trail because the view is about to get incredible when hiking in Concord.

Concord hiking trails offer outdoor lovers plenty of options for terrain and scenery. So throw the necessities in your backpack and hit the trail because the view is about to get incredible.

When you climb the peaks of Mount Diablo, your soul climbs with you. Thousands of locals and travelers alike ascend the various terrains of the Diablo Range every year, exploring the pristine landscape and letting their spirits unwind. Regardless of age or ability, the Diablo Range offers hikers and nature enthusiasts breathtaking views of the East Bay and a one-of-a-kind way to experience the already stunning California sunset. Set out for adventure in Concord and you’re bound to find more than the mountains.

Mount Diablo State Park offers one of the most beautiful views of Concord. Explore the park’s many hiking trails that will lead you to creeks, waterfalls and valleys while enjoying the mountain air. When you are ready for a break, relax and have a snack at one of over 50 picnic spots. Gates open at 8:00 am and close at sunset, and with trails that range from easy to hard, it's easy to find a trail for every level of hiking.

Concord Hiking Trails

Nature and beauty are plentiful throughout Concord including numerous parks, open space & trails including:

Mount Diablo Regional Trail Map

A highly popular and groundbreaking regional outdoor recreation map, featuring the Diablo Trail, the Save Mt. Diablo regional recreation map covers Mount Diablo and all surrounding parks and preserves. With more than 120,000 acres of preserved lands on and around Mount Diablo, you can lose yourself in the beauty of the mountain for an hour, a day, or a week. 

The Digital Map is compatible with GPS map=navigating applications like Avenza.

Download map bundle (Map Side A and B) on Avenza

Download Map Side A on Avenza – Mount Diablo & Surrounding Parks

Download Map Side B on Avenza – Los Vaqueros & Surrounding Parks

Download the free Avenza app and learn how it works

Want to use a different application? Download geospatial PDFs of the map to your device.

Map Side A – Mount Diablo & Surrounding Parks

Map Side B – Los Vaqueros & Surrounding Parks

For more information on the map click here.

Mt. Diablo Map

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