Concord’s diversified landscape offers a route for all skill levels and modes of two-wheeled transportation.

For bike-loving locals and visitors, Concord is a prime spot to get in the saddle. Its bike-friendly infrastructure is steadily expanding, thanks to the efforts of groups like Bike Concord, which launched in 2014 and has helped bring more bike lanes, safety initiatives, and awareness to the city and beyond. Outside the city, one can’t-miss place to ride is the Contra Costa Canal Trail, a flat, nearly 23-mile path that runs through several towns and parks, including Pleasant Hill (Las Juntas Park), Walnut Creek (Larkey Park and Heather Farm Park), and Concord (Lime Ridge).

The trail, which is open to runners, cyclists, and equestrians, connects to several regional trails, including the California State Riding and Hiking Trail, Briones-to-Mt. Diablo Trail, and the Iron Horse Trail. It will eventually connect with the Delta De Anza Trail when it is completed to the nearby town of Martinez. Meanwhile, the 32-mile, multi-use Iron Horse Regional Trail connects Concord to the city of Pleasanton. Mountain bikers will find lots to rave about, too, including plenty of open space (and legal riding) in places like Lime Ridge.

Bay Area cyclists head towards the mountain in search of a challenging hill climb and a city escape. Cycling the 23.5-mile out and back to the summit is equally difficult and rewarding for both beginning and advanced riders. The ride can be done year-round but with shade limited on the trail many choose to conquer Mount Diablo in the cooler fall and winter months.