Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo offers outdoor lovers plenty of options for terrain and scenery.

Towering 3,849 feet above California, Mount Diablo brings hikers, bikers and campers from all over to its 20,000-acre state park. Over 400 plant and animal species live amongst the park’s multifarious terrain, drawing visitors to experience a diverse natural habitat and incredible panoramic views.


The park has numerous hiking trails throughout the area that twist through creeks, waterfalls, luscious valleys and wildflower fields. Day hikers can take it easy exploring the natural area on the 0.7mile Mary Bowerman Trail or ramp it up on the 6 mile Mount Diablo State Park Waterfall Loop Trail, which winds through numerous waterfalls, grasslands, oak forests and, on many days, lots of sunshine or take the new Mangini Ranch Educational Preserves where you can learn about its rare species such as the northernmost stand of desert olive, rare Hospital Canyon larkspur, and threatened Alameda whipsnake. Deer, coyote, burrowing owls, kestrels, and lots of other wildlife live here too.


Bay Area cyclists head toward the mountain in search of a challenging hill climb and a city escape. Cycling the 23.5-mile out and back to the summit is equally difficult and rewarding for both beginning and advanced riders. The ride can be done year-round but with shade limited on the trail many choose to conquer Mount Diablo in the cooler fall and winter months.


There are over 50 picnic sites equipped with tables and barbecue stoves. Mount Diablo offers three areas that can accommodate groups up to 100 people, perfect for family gatherings or corporate retreats. Most picnic areas can be accessed on foot while some are off the park’s paved roads. For group picnics, call 925-837-6129 x4 for reservations and information. More HERE.

Rock City

Rock City’s curious sandstone formations and small caves are immediately inviting to visitors who wish to explore and climb. A great place to picnic, Rock City can be reached from the summit via a five-mile, shady trail. While there, check out Sentinel Rock, which offers more of Mount Diablo’s amazing views from its summit and is filled with beautiful wild flowers during Spring.

Summit Visitor’s Center

For the full experience, head to the Summit Visitor’s Center (open daily 10am to 4pm).

The building itself is engaging in that it was constructed in the 1930’s with sandstone quarried from the park and is abundant with ancient marine fossils. Inside you’ll enjoy art, photography and video of the mountain’s history and culture as well as exhibits that educate about the park ecosystem and culture. Next, take a walk up to the Observatory Deck and take a look at Mount Diablo’s rich scenery through the deck’s telescopes. It’s been said that Mount Diablo’s summit offers views of more square miles of anywhere else in the world after Mount Kilimanjaro!

Parking & Directions

Mount Diablo State Park can be accessed through multiple points of entry. See each entrance here under “Directions”. Parking fees range from $6 per vehicle to $10 per vehicle with an 8 passenger limit. The park opens at 8:00 AM and closes at sunset each night. Mount Diablo State Park is pet-friendly and permits dogs on leashes in developed areas of the park. If your dog is making the overnight trip, be sure to keep them inside the tent or vehicle overnight. More about Mount Diablo can be found HERE. Make your reservations HERE.

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