Parks & Open Space

Take a walk, pack a picnic, or celebrate an annual festival at one of Concord’s public parks and open spaces.

Concord ’s parks and outdoor space are scattered throughout the city, offering an experience all their own. At Concord parks, visitors can discover hidden treasures, unique vantage points, or even a new urban retreat. One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in these lush surroundings is to keep active and do as the locals do.

There are many options when planning a day in one of Concord’s local parks.

Whether you’re picnicking, hiking, skateboarding or just hanging out for a lazy afternoon, you can select from dozens of choices. How about the Brazil Quarry Park with 4 acres of open, turfed play area, a natural creek and a butterfly garden! Or Limeridge Open Space with it’s over 1200 acres of pristine open space and 25 miles of trails! Each park has its own unique experience giving you different reasons to get outside and enjoy. View all of your options.

Located at 1351 Detroit Avenue, Meadow Homes Spray Park offers designated play areas for tots, tweens and teens! There are so many fun water activities just for kids like the Dolphin Aqua Slide, Pirate Prow and Schooner Splash! There are also picnic areas and sports fields to make it a full day for family and friends.

Downtown Concord revolves around Todos Santos Plaza, where the lively, friendly atmosphere makes it my top choice for getting to know the community. Farmer’s markets, free summer concerts, and plenty of nearby restaurants and shops keep the park bustling with action all year long.

Nature and beauty are plentiful throughout Concord including numerous parks, open space & trails including:

Lime Ridge Open Space,1226 acres and 25 miles of premiere 25 hiking & biking trails.

Iron Horse Trail begins in Concord and continues for 27 miles for biking, hiking and is wheelchair friendly.

The Contra Costa Canal Trail runs along the canal and through central Costa County, connecting regional trails. It’s enjoyed by bikers, runners, pedestrians, and equestrians.

Markham Nature Park & Arboretum a place of quiet beauty less than 20 blocks from downtown Concord.

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