The Culture Craver's Guide to Concord

Dive into the local culture while visiting Concord on your next trip.

From some of the best art galleries to historic sites and picturesque parks, these recommendations will inspire your creativity with gorgeous views and architecture along the way.

Concord Farmers' Market

If you would like to explore Northern California like a local, visit the Concord Certified Farmers Market that runs year round on Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights. At the farmers market you’ll find the freshest goods from the current season’s harvest as well as street food and homemade delights from local vendors. It’s a great community gathering to enjoy, and a pleasant time with family and friends is sure to be had. If you want to unwind after a day of fun or work, stop by on Thursday nights, which bring in fun, live musical acts.

fresh cherries for sale

Downtown Historic Walking Tour

Explore the historic sites of Concord by foot on a self-guided Concord Historic Walking Tour. Developed by the Concord Historical Society— an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Concord—this tour showcases some of the finest architecture and iconic properties of the area. From the Todos Santos Plaza that was established in 1869, to the original County Fire House, you will learn about the significance and fascinating history of each site at your own pace.

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John Muir National Historic Site

John Muir National Historic Site offers a glimpse into the life of a man who is considered America’s most respected naturalist and conservationist. A trip to this historic site will help you understand John Muir’s love for nature, fueling the formation of the National Park Service and the modern conservation movement. The site is free for everyone to visit and also features a 9-acre park, on which some of John Muir's own orchard trees are still preserved. If you are visiting during early fall, take a ranger-guided Full Moon Walk on Mount Wanda, where you’ll use telescopes to view detailed features of the moon and listen to the lovely sounds of nature by night.

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Markham Nature Park and Arboretum

If you are looking for a perfect place to escape into nature, Markham Nature Park and Arboretum is a must visit. This 17-acre island of picturesque symmetry near the heart of downtown Concord, has a well-maintained garden, trails and lush trees to enjoy a relaxing, serene day out. In addition to the natural beauty, it also features an International Garden—a set of gardens that display diverse plants from many corners of the globe. You can also find a nursery, a community garden, a bee farm, and a 2.4 mile trail at Markham Nature Park.

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Lesher Center for the Arts

Lesher Center for the Arts plays host to many mainstream performances and indie productions in the city. This elegant two-storied structure has three theatres, an art gallery and a spacious main hall. All the theatres feature comfortable seating that offer great views from every angle as well as excellent acoustics. Some of the other attractions here include an array of exhibits at the Bedford Gallery located inside the center. There's also the Encore Room, where the public can host private events. Check their schedule for all the upcoming special events, live entertainment and exhibitions.

regional arts center building

Contra Costa Canal Trail

If you want a getaway to explore the outdoors, the 13.3 mile Contra Costa Canal Trail is the perfect place to do so. This multi-use, wheel-chair accessible trail is a paved pathway suitable for walkers, bikers, runners and equestrians. The trail meanders along the Contra Costa Canal following a horseshoe-shaped path through Central Costa County and intercepts local parks in the neighborhoods it passes. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or love nature walks, the diverse terrain and scenic hills of the Contra Costa Canal Trail will enthrall you.

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