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At Visit Concord, we understand the importance of responsible financial management. We are dedicated to ensuring that every dollar is utilized effectively and efficiently to support our mission of promoting Concord as a vibrant destination for visitors and locals. 

Our success as an organization relies on strong relationships within our community. We value collaboration and open communication with local stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and civic organizations. Through active engagement, we have fostered partnerships that strengthen our collective efforts to promote Concord as a premier destination for travelers and groups.   

Concord's arts, culture, and heritage are the heart and soul of our community. Visit Concord is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the unique aspects of our city. We actively promote local museums, historical landmarks, and cultural institutions, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in our rich history and vibrant traditions.  

Visit Concord is proud to support and highlight our local talent. From live music performances to theater productions, art exhibits to culinary festivals, we are committed to showcasing the richness of our cultural offerings, making Concord an irresistible destination for culture enthusiasts of all kinds.   

As we emerge from the challenges of the post-COVID environment, Visit Concord is excited to look towards a positive future. We are developing comprehensive plans to accelerate the recovery of our tourism industry while building a sustainable and resilient foundation. Our initiatives will include targeted marketing campaigns, enhanced visitor experiences, and partnerships with key industry stakeholders.   

Join us in celebrating Concord's vibrant arts, culture, and heritage as we embrace a bright future filled with endless possibilities.

Andrea Hennings

Andrea Hennings

Down to the Details

Fiscal Responsibility

Visit Concord continues to maintain a low operating budget to allocate reduced funding. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Collaborative Marketing

Community Collaborations


Concord’s economic vitality depends on tourism dollars to create jobs and improve quality of life in our community. Over the past several years, millions in state and local tax revenue from tourism dollars have gone to help fund things like regional parks, economic development, arts and culture, education, roads, public safety, education, affordable housing, workforce development and other community programs.

2022 was a big year for recovery with all categories across the board showing increases from the previous year. Concord's Visitor Spending in 2022 exceeded 2019 levels by 8.2%. 

For more information on Why Tourism Matters, click here

*Tourism data provided by Dean Runyun and Associates, Concord, California Visitor Impacts Study 2022


The upcoming young adults in Gen Z are proving to have a major impact when it comes to the future of traveling, their voices and preferences are crucial to understanding how tourism can continue to flourish while being environmentally conscious.

Among 18-24 year olds (referred to as Gen Z), data is now showing that the propensity to travel in the next year is at its highest. While the desire to travel among Gen Z is growing substantially, climate change has become a top issue concerning Gen Z. For more information regarding the growing impact of Gen Z's preferences with traveling and sustainability click HERE.

Tips to Become Responsible Travelers:

• Choose and stay at certified sustainable accommodations 

• Walk or use clean transportation when possible

• Limit water & energy use

• Avoid single-use plastics

• Pack reusable bags & drinking bottles

• Spend locally

For more information and tips on sustainability when staying in Concord click HERE.

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