At Visit Concord our sales team is dedicated to promoting Concord as a premier destination for meetings and events. Through targeted marketing campaigns, networking events, and collaborations with local businesses, we strive to attract corporate clients, associations, and organizations to host their gatherings in our vibrant city. Our team works closely with event planners, providing personalized assistance to ensure seamless coordination and unforgettable experiences for attendees. By showcasing Concord's unique venues, accommodations, and diverse culinary scene, we aim to position our city as a top choice for hosting meetings and events.

The sales efforts at Visit Concord have a profound impact on the local hospitality and tourism industry. Booking meetings and events not only brings in a steady stream of visitors but also generates significant economic benefits for the community. These events lead to increased hotel occupancy rates, restaurant patronage, and spending on local attractions and services. As a result, businesses in the hospitality sector experience growth, job creation, and enhanced visibility. Additionally, the economic impact extends beyond the immediate industry, benefiting various sectors such as transportation, retail, and entertainment. By attracting and hosting meetings and events, Visit Concord plays a crucial role in stimulating the local economy and fostering a vibrant tourism ecosystem.

Shelbi Walker

Shelbi Walker
Director of Sale and Marketing 

Sales Priorities Achieved

Meeting Planner Outreach: 

  • Updated Incentives to enhance booking motivation 
  • Sent Monthly Sales Emails
  • Pre & Post Tradeshow Correspondence
  • Distribution of 23 RFPs.  

Public Relations: 

  • Advertising CalSAE & MPI 
  • Small Market Meetings

2022/2023 TRADESHOWS

SYTAAugust 28-30, 2022Washington, DC
NorthSTAR - Destination CaliforniaAugust 28-30, 2022Monterey, CA
Connect - Pacific NWSeptember 19-20, 2022Boise, CA
Visit California - San Francisco Media EventSeptember 22, 2022San Francisco, CA
Small Market Meetings Conference October 2-4, 2022Wichita, KS
All Things MeetingsOctober 27, 2022Mountain View, CA
NorthSTAR Destination WestNovember 1-3, 2022Tucson, AZ
Connect - WestNovember 9-10, 2022San Francisco, CA
CalSAE Seasonal SpectacularDecember 13-14, 2022Sacramento, CA
All American Roadshow April 11, 2023Virtual
CalSAE Elevate April 17-19, 2023Sonoma County, CA
MPINCC ACE May 14-15, 2023Oakland, CA

2022 KPIs Achieved

KPI2022/2023 GoalActualized 6/30/2023% of Goal Achieved
Tradeshows Attended151493%
Conferences/Industry Event Attended89ACHIEVED
Leads passed to Hotels1,0151,395ACHIEVED
RFPs sent to Visit Concord2023ACHIEVED
Tradeshow Appointments225250ACHIEVED
RFPs Awarded with Visit Concord's Help68ACHIEVED


Key Accomplishments


Small Market Meetings


Small Market Meetings

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