Visit Concord Annual Report 2019-2020


FROM THE CHAIR | Billy Mendez | The Hilton Concord 

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Billy Mendez
The Hilton Concord 

FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO | Elaine Schroth 

Over the past 12 months, Concord has seen some of its most notable successes, as well as some of its most challenging times.

Building on gains made over the previous year, the first half of the new fiscal year saw exciting growth and movement in terms of Visit Concord’s marketing and branding efforts, the formation of a well-rounded team and the acquisition and development of a new Visitor Center.
Concord’s destination awareness campaign continued to draw and engage audiences with print and digital ads, sponsorships, events, and enhanced website content and social media strategy. We continued to maintain a strong presence at California tradeshow and industry events through February, showcasing Concord as a destination for meetings and leisure travel. In June, MPINCC honored Visit Concord as their “Partner of the Year” following our reception at their February event held at the Hilton Concord.
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent business closures and travel and event restrictions, the Visit Concord team began to shift much of our focus to community support. We worked continuously to support our hotels, restaurants, businesses, non-profit organizations, first responders and essential workers. These efforts have served to build on a positive public image and establish Visit Concord as a leader within the city, and as well as a destination.

Even during these tough times, Visit Concord has continued to move forward with specific projects and initiatives. In December, the team established residence at our new Visitor Center in Salvio Pacheco Square. We have continued to forge and build key relationships with partners such as the Concord Arts Association, Concord Historical Society, East Bay Regional Parks and Mt. Diablo State Park. We also recently formed partnerships with neighboring DMOs to establish two regional marketing alliances that will enable us to pool our efforts and reach target drive markets more cost efficiently.

Like every place else, Concord’s tourism has taken a hit this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and we are not out of the woods yet. But we do know that the situation is temporary, and we will rebound in the months and years ahead. Now more than ever, thoughtful destination marketing is essential to Concord’s long-term economic health and the actions we take over the next one to two years will play a critical role in the speed and scope of its recovery. 

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Elaine Schroth

Elaine Schroth
President & CEO 

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