The Concord Visitor Center

A bright spot in 2020 has been the addition of Concord’s new Visitor Center. Conveniently located in the heart of Concord’s historic downtown in Todos Santos Plaza, the Center is now complete and ready to welcome and serve visitors, associates, industry planners, community members and civic leaders, when the time is right.

Throughout the process, Visit Concord has formed strategic partnerships with key local organizations such as the Concord Arts Association, Concord Historical Society, East Bay Regional Parks and Mt. Diablo State Park. The Center promotes these great community assets through visual displays, printed materials and merchandise, throughout the facility. 

We look forward to the official opening of the Visitor Center to the public in the coming year. 

Visitor Center features:

City Map 

Visit Concord’s fun, illustrated map of the city of Concord was blown-up into bigger-than-life wall art that now hangs above our meeting space.

Visitor Center Green Map

The Historical Timeline

The Concord Historical Society provided the Center with a complete series of historic photographs that illustrate Concord’s growth and development over the years. The collection fills up an entire wall with a visual depiction of the city’s unique history from mid-1800s through modern times.

Historical TImeline

Concord Art Association Wall 

The Concord Art Association worked their magic to present a gallery wall of unique and colorful pieces created by local artists, including some from the popular “Utility Box Art” series. The group also provides an assortment of exclusive artist goods for purchase.

Concord Art Wall

Mt. Diablo Region / Save Mount Diablo 

Mt. Diablo is a primary draw and destination for visitors to the area and Visit Concord has installed a dedicated area within the Visitor Center featuring photos, maps, books, art, collateral and other information.


The Visitor Center offers a complete line of exclusive Concord merchandise including hats, shirts, towels, blankets, socks, keychains, bandanas and more. Popular themes include Beer Trail, Taco Trail and I (Heart) Concord, as well as items from commemorative events like the Concord Jazz Festival and Oktoberfest. 

Visitor Center Merchandise

State of the Art Furnishings  

The Center is outfitted with colorful, modern lounge seating, tables and bar stools for visitor relaxation, as well as the complete office set up and meeting area for staff. 

Visitor Center Funiture


Businesses can advertise on the Center’s interactive Hootboard, an electronic visual display board that showcases all there is to see and do in Concord. 


Decals / Logos / Rug

The Visitor Center’s windows and floors have been branded with customized logo decals and “Welcome” rug.

Concord Rug and Logos

Brochures and Ticket Sales

A variety of brochures and magazines for local and regional information. Starting in 2021 the Visitor Center will begin selling tickets, and offering deals and discounts for local attractions.

Visitor Center Brochure Wall


Multiple TV monitors are featured throughout the Center for high-impact, visual displays -- three in  front, one in back, plus the interactive Hootboard.

Visitor Center Visuals


The Center is also home base for the Visit Concord team, complete with private offices, cubicles and meeting space. 

Visitor Center Office Space

Meeting Space

The back room the building features a large conference table set up, used by the Visit Concord team for staff, business and board meetings. The space is available to outside groups for rental.

Visitor Center Meeting Space


Just outside the large glass windows is a tranquil, tree-shaded garden area * that allows a bit of nature to infiltrate the office space. Visit Concord is currently working with the local Home Depot store as the sponsor for this landscaping project.

*Pictures coming soon