Trail Adventures

There's plenty of trails to take in Concord and each one leads to something amazing. It could be burgers or great craft beers, it doesn't matter, every trail leads to an amazing discovery. Just pick a direction and find the one that best suits you. Scroll down to explore just a few of Concord’s trails.

Culinary Delights

With 25 different ethnic cuisines and over 300 restaurants, Concond's diverse food scene will make you feel like a world traveler. Read More

Escape & Unwind

Explore Northern California on your terms on the trails of Mt. Diablo State Park—the perfect getaway for hikers, bikers, and nature lovers. Read More

Craft Your Adventure

Embark along Concord’s Craft Beer Trail to experience the micro-brewing community rapidly growing just south of Wine Country. Read More

Follow Your Own Beat

Not all trails are literal—some are found inside one’s self. Let the rhythm lead you to a show at the Concord Pavilion and other local music hot spots. Read More

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