Where to Eat Dessert in Concord

Everyone loves a sweet treat and Concord is full of delicious desserts to keep your sweet tooth begging for more! Check out these unique desserts spots taking food trends to a whole new level!

Pop Bar

Pop Bar is the name and gelato on a stick is the game! First, choose your pop: Sorbet, Gelato or Yogurt. Second, customize your topping! Choose from 15+ dipping and toppings to make your Pop Bar one of a kind! Also indulge in Popwich's, Gelato Shakes, Hot Chocolate and Popbites!

Out The Dough

If you love cookie dough, Out The Dough is the place for you. Their cookie dough concoctions are both safe to eat and delicious! They offer over a dozen cookie dough flavors that can be eaten now or baked later! Top your dough off with a topping and you got yourself a dessert!


Freshly baked cookies with ice cream in between...count us in! Their menu started with just cookie and ice cream sandwiches and now has expanded into bigger and even more delicious options! Now your ice cream sandwich can be made with brownies, waffles, donuts and even ice cream tacos!

Alpine Pastry and Cakes

At Alpine, you will find delicacies, pastries, cakes, cookies and your favorite treats on display. The whiffs of freshly baked specialties along with aromas of coffee will remind you of the traditional craft of baking! They make amazing custom cakes and on display they have cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, eclairs, lemon bars and more!

Rachel Dunn Chocolates

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, make Rachel Dunn Chocolates a hidden gem in Concord! They harvest some of the best coco in the world and make their chocolate everyday from scratch! You can also try their 3lbs Giant Carmel Apples, Caramels, Brittle and more! They also offer a chocolate making class perfect for date night or the whole family!

Leisure Desserts

Although Leisure Desserts isn't strictly dessert, they have an extensive menu highlighting your favorite Asian delicacies. Try anything from traditional egg tarts to coffee cakes, mango dumplings and everywhere in between. With so many desserts to choose from, it will be hard to pick just one!

Nation's Giant Hamburgers

Although they have hamburgers in their name, Nation's has some tasty pies! Baked fresh daily, you do not want to miss out on these bad boys! They offer many different flavors including pumpkin, pecan, berry crumble, coconut cream and more! Buy the whole thing or just a slice to satisfy your craving!

Loard's Ice Cream and Candies

Everyone loves ice cream, and that is what Loard's is known for! Sundaes, milkshakes and classic candies make Loard's the go to ice cream shop in downtown Concord. Treat yourself the next time you are in Concord!