Top 10 Things to Do in Concord Right Now

Got a bit of cabin fever? Here are some fun ways to get moving or entertain yourself in Concord even if it feels like you are stuck at home:

1. Savor Some Local Flavor, To-Go - Many of Concord restaurants are open for delicious and safe to-go options and Visit Concord’s website features a complete list of locations currently serving. Check back for daily updates.

2. Blaze a Trail - Local trails for hiking and biking are open and ready to be challenged. Pick your favorite and go: Concord’s Best Biking Trails.

3. Climb Sublime - Hike to the highest point in Concord and journey to the peak. Take in the view and nature before heading back down. If the climb isn’t for you, this state park has over 75 other trails you can explore. Or, take a virtual tour and learn more.

4. Take a Trip Back in Time - Experience Concord like never before with Concord Historical Society’s self-guided walking tour! Walk around downtown neighborhoods and explore the city’s beautiful historical buildings and homes. Have fun imagining what the city might have looked like back then. 

5. Make Your Own Cheese Zombie at Home – The Cheese Zombie is Concord’s signature treat and now you can make them yourself. If you’re craving something ooey, gooey and full of cheese click here to find the recipe!

6. Color Me Concord! Looking for something colorful to do? Free Concord coloring pages are available on the Visit Concord website now. Post your masterpiece and #ConcordLove to be featured on our website or social media!

7. Experience the aRt Cottage - This local community gallery is full of fun things to see, and you can experience it all right from your home. Check out current and past gallery showings all online and get excited for when you can visit and explore soon.

8. Tour Mt Diablo ... From Your Chair - The parks are open but, if you’d rather explore from indoors, check out these virtual hikes! Video guides will lead the way through these rocky times by showing you the wonders of nature.  

9. Watch a Movie Filmed in Concord - What movie you might ask? Well, American Graffiti for one! That’s right, some of the 1973 classic movie’s key scenes were filmed hometown right here in Concord. Watch and see if you can spot which ones!

10. Sounds Good - Did you know Concord has had great jazz artists throughout history? Listen and love the music on our official spotify playlist!

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