Jazz Merchandise

Join the Concord community in the celebration of a virtual Jazz Festival this year with some of our merchandise, including t-shirts, drinkware, and music pins. All proceeds from the Jazz merchandise goes to supporting local non-profits including Mount Diablo Music Education Fund, Blue Devil's Special Needs Guard, and the Family Justice Center

All online sales will receive free shipping. Merchandise can also be bought at our Visitor Center and is available for pick up with an appointment by contacting info@visitconcordca.com 


Celebrate Concord's musical and jazzy history with this commemorative record T-Shirt.


Concord Entertainment Tee

Celebrate Concord's musical history with a soft t-shirt that's perfect for any occasion.


Flashing Guitar Pin

Celebrate Concord and its musical history with this commemorative guitar pin. Put it on a jacket or a bag and remember the sounds of the city.


Commemorative Jazz Mug

Concord is the city of Jazz. Celebrate 50 years of jazz every day while listening to Dave Brubeck and drinking coffee out of the Concord Jazz Festival mug.