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Simply choose from one of Concord's Accessible Hotels and then let Visit Concord know when you're planning to stay we will book your room for you. Your Sensory Kit will be ready for you upon hotel check-in. 

*If you are interested in a Practice Stay, please fill out the form or book with Visit Concord directly, NOT the Hotel.*

Please contact Visit Concord at info@visitconcordca.com or call (925)685-1182 if you are interested in receiving a Sensory Kit during your stay here in Concord! 


Carrying Case for Sensory Kit items.

Weighted Blanket 

Benefit: Can reduce anxiety by simulating the feeling of being hugged or held, recommended to be no more than 10% of total body weight. 

*Blanket included is 7 lbs. 41" x 60" *


Benefit: Protection for light sensitivities.

Ear Protectors

Benefit: Protection from auditory sensitivities.

Fidget Toys

Benefit: Fidget toys are self-regulation tools which can help increase attention and focus. They can also have a calming effect on those with anxiety and can boost active listening.

White Board and Dry Erase Marker

Benefit: Help with communication.

Communication Cards

Benefit: To help those who have trouble communicating their needs.

Additional Items Available Upon Request - Need to be Returned

Sound Machine

Benefit: For those needing additional comfort while away from their home.

*Please return when checking out of your hotel*

Outdoor Color Blind Sunglasses by Enchroma

Color Blind Sunglasses

Benefit: Helps those with red-green color blindness.

*Please return when checking out of your hotel*

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