Outdoor Facilities

Host your sports event in Concord.

Concord is a great location for teams to play and stay

In addition to great California weather and an array of outdoor facilities, we offer an incredible variety of restaurants, breweries, events and attractions to keep your participants (and their families and spectators) happy, comfortable, and entertained throughout their stay in Concord.

Visit Concord can connect you with local schools, parks and other facilities to meet your needs. The City of Concord’s 19 parks include plentiful fields and courts, and the Concord Pavilion is available for sporting events, hosting the 2017 International Fitness Federation Championships. 

That’s just the start, below are the outdoor Facilities for the City of Concord


Concord Community Pool9 competition lanes; 10, 25 yd. lanes(925) 671-3480
Diablo Valley College PoolOlympic Size; 50 meters by 25(925) 866-1822


Willow Pass Park5 Soft Ball Fields(925) 671-3444
Boatwright Youth Sports Complex1 Baseball Field(925) 671-3404
El Dorado Middle School Playfields3 Ball Fields(925) 682-5700
Highlands Park1 Baseball Field(925) 671-3329
Meadow Homes Park1 Baseball Field(925) 671-3444

Soccer/ Multi-Use Sport Fields:   (Check if pets are permitted, PRIOR to bringing them)

Boatwright Soccer Complex5 Rectangular Multi-Use(925) 671-3404
Newhall Community Park 2 Multi-Use fields(925) 671-3404
Ygnacio Valley Park1 Rectangular Multi-Use(925) 671-3329
El Dorado Middle School Playfields2 Full Sized Soccer Fields(925) 682-5700
Kreuger Fields2 Rectangular Multi-Use (Turf)(925) 671-3329
John F. Baldwin Park1 Multi-Use Field(925) 671-3329
Concord Community Park3 Rectangular Multi-Use(925) 671-3329
Cambridge Park1 Rectangular Multi-Use (Turf)(925) 671-3329
Highlands Park1 Rectangular Multi-Use(925) 671-3329
Meadow Homes Park1 Rectangular Multi-Use(925) 671-3444


John F. Baldwin Park                    2 Outdoor Full sized courts    (925) 671-3329


Concord Skateboard Park   
14,000 ft.^2(925) 671-3270

Disc Golf:

Hilcrest Park        9 Holes (925) 671-3329
Newhall Community Park 40 Holes  (925) 671-3404

Bocce Ball:

Newhall Community Park 8 Courts  (925) 671-3404
John F. Baldwin Park  4 Courts (925) 671-3329


Pine Hollow Tennis Courts2 courtsN/A
Willow Pass Park 4 courts (925) 671-3423
Concord Community Park7 courts(925) 671-3329
Mount Diablo High School 4 courts(925) 682-4030
College Park High School 8 courts(925) 682-7670


Willow Pass Park              14 Courts(925) 671-3423

As an example for events, Concord is fortunate to have previously hosted the Golden State Pickleball Championships. It is the largest tournament of its kind on the West Coast, bringing in people from all over, similar to the Quick 6 Tournament and various Junior Prep camps. Watch Above!

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