Fun & "Dirty" Earth Day Recipe from Visit Concord's Shelbi Walker

This Dirt and Worms Recipe is a fun way to teach kids the importance of conserving our planet.

Earth Day is a special day to go beyond and above by planning something fun to celebrate our planet. Whether you are planting a tree, growing a garden or even making a fun snack, there's nothing wrong with getting a little dirt on your hands... 

This recipe is one that I'm sure we've all made once or twice. Dirt and worms is a simple treat that facilitates a conversation about conservation. 

I always make my own pudding from the packet but if you don't have time for that, the small chocolate pudding cups work just as well and you can recycle them after by filling them with soil and planting some wildflower seeds. Reusing the pudding cups to plant a small garden demonstrates everything about Earth Day. 

Dirt & Worms Recipe - 


  • 1 box of instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 2 cups of cold milk 

Alternative: Purchase pre-made pudding cups from the store. 

Beat Pudding mix and milk together with a whisk for 2 minutes. Pudding should be soft set within 5 minutes. Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to set completely. 


  • 10-12 Oreos
  • ¼ sweetened shredded coconut
  • Green food coloring
  • Gummy worms

In a small bowl, add a 2-3 drops of green coloring to shredded coconut. Mix until well coated and green. Set aside.

Add Oreos to a Ziploc bag and smash with rolling pin (a good job for the kids) until crumbly. Add crumbles to chocolate pudding.

Top Oreo crumbles with green coconut. Add  one or two gummy worms to “grass”, burying the tail into the Oreo “dirt”.

**To get even more creative, you can add yogurt covered raisins (to represent rocks), use green frosting instead of coconut, or even use a sprig of mint to add real greenery. 

And there you have it! Your fun, Earth Day Dirt & Worms Recipe. 

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