Todos Santos Business Association (TSBA)

The Todos Santos Business Association, Inc. was formed in 1998 to promote the interests of service and retail business in Downtown Concord, California; to encourage the further development of Concord's Historic Downtown; and to enhance goodwill between business and residents of the community.

Operating in the historic downtown Todos Santos Plaza, our non-profit organization works with the City of Concord and downtown businesses to support renown events such as the Music & Market Series, Spring Brewsfest, Taste of Concord, Oktoberfest, Holiday Tree Lighting and Sing-Along and more.

With some of the best dining and business services in the area, TSBA keeps the business owners updated and informed on current issues and events. TSBA is here to help you.

  • 2151 Salvio St
  • Concord, CA 94520