Say Cheese, Concord: 8 Incredible Photo Ops

Calling all influencers and photographers!

Nestled in the heart of the East Bay and surrounded by scenic nature, Concord is just plain buzzing with color and life. We think of our city as uncommonly vibrant, and that’s reflected in no better way than in the incredible photo opportunities we get to enjoy all over town – and that visitors love to post on social media! Here’s our list of some of the most scenic, artful and downright awe-inspiring spots to take photos in and around Concord.

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Mount Diablo

Photo by Instagram user @gerwin_dijk.
Photo by Instagram user @visionsbytombertolotti.

Let’s take it from the top! Mount Diablo is undoubtedly the peak of the Concord view experience. With a gorgeous Summit Visitor’s Center at the top – made of stone from the mountain and ancient marine fossils – countless miles of hiking and biking trails, waterfalls, grasslands, hundreds of native plants and animals and views for miles on all sides, the 3,849-foot mountain is a local fave and a tourist’s dream. Come during the winter for green hills, the spring for wildflowers, the summer for the warmest weather and the fall for golden grasslands. 

Lime Ridge Open Space

Photo by Instagram user @52fromthebay.
Photo by Instagram user @gresford.

Another natural gem is Lime Ridge Open Space. Over 1,200 acres have been preserved here, making this a great place to spot natural wildlife or hike on over 25 miles of trails. Take photos and center yourself in the rock labyrinth, or stroll among the rolling grasses of the hills. Our Mediterranean climate means we get over 260 days of sunshine each year, although here’s a little inside tip for you: Sometimes cloudy days can make for more colorful sunsets!

Markham Nature Park & Arboretum

Photo by Instagram user @ivanduranphotography.
Photo by Instagram user @altheaphotographs.

Not into landscape photo ops? Then try Markham Nature Park & Arboretum, which just so happens to be one of the most popular spots near downtown Concord for wedding photo shoots and other pro photography outings! This beautiful arboretum features lovely, peaceful gardens and a creek running through the park, and it’s a great place to photograph birds and flowers, as well as human visitors!

Todos Santos Plaza

Photo from
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Concord really comes to life in Todos Santos Plaza in the heart of the city, home to frequent concerts, markets and other fun events, as well as statues and signs of its history since 1869. Named one of three Great Places in California by the American Planning Association in 2018, this plaza was literally designed to be a beautiful place to meet, stroll and – of course – take photos!

Fernanda Martinez’s Mural, ‘Land View’

Photo by Instagram user @tinta_art.

If we’re talking about stunningly beautiful spots on Concord, we have absolutely got to mention our new murals. In summer of 2022, local group Creative Concord had contemporary artists install nine large-scale murals throughout the community. We are mentioning a couple here, but all nine are absolutely worth a stop and a photo shoot! This one is by Oakland-based artist Fernanda Martinez, and it’s her take on nature views at Mount Diablo.

Doran Dada’s Mural, ‘Procession of Luminescence’

Photo by Instagram user @dorandada.

Another mural from the Creative Concord map, this incredibly colorful work by artist Doran Dada features Egyptian imagery in a celebration of African history.

The Veranda Shopping Center

Photo by Instagram user @feliciagabaldonart.
Photo by Instagram user @shoptheveranda.

Yet another mural from the Creative Concord project appears at The Veranda shopping center, a bustling hub of retail stores, restaurants and other fun experiences in Concord. Artist Felicia Gabaldon’s mural “Memories of the Desert” examines her Native American heritage and the fleeting nature of dreams, and it can be found on the large wall outside Old Navy. Elsewhere throughout The Veranda, the shopping center often sets up photo walls and booths that are really cute! Keep your eye out for their ever-changing options in between shops.

Devil & Angel Desserts

Photo by Instagram user @jhawkeats

You know we had to throw in a cute food spot! Within The Veranda is Devil & Angel Desserts, and we just can’t get over how photo-worthy this spot is. Not only are their neon signs just begging for a social post, but their colorful ice cream and boba tea treats are, too!