Going on a Solo Trip to Concord, CA? Here’s How You Should Prepare

Travel is always a good way to recharge your tired mind, body, and spirit. While some people are scared of traveling alone, it’s actually a very good way to know yourself again. If you’re intimidated by that idea, you don’t need to go far.

There are easy ways to travel solo in and around Concord. Once you have enough experience under your belt in traveling solo, you can then go on more challenging trips such as hiking, for instance.

Traveling alone is not exactly a new trend, but Americans now are going on solo trips more than ever. The Solo Traveler website reported that the percentage of women who venture out on their own has increased by 52% between 2016 and 2017.

Are you ready to become part of the solo traveler club? Let’s get started!

Before you go! – According to House Method, it’s very important to ensure that your home is in order before traveling. It’s recommended that you tidy up and unplug most of your devices and appliances. Also, make sure that all the bills are paid, the plants watered, and have somebody to check on it from time to time. This is to ensure that you leave all your troubles behind!

Start easy – If you’re scared of the idea of going off alone, the Travel Made Simple site recommends that you start off with the familiar first. It’s best that you go cross-state or cross-country instead of going overseas. If you do decide that you want to travel out of the country, choose a destination where they speak English. This is one way to slowly introduce you to the solo trip lifestyle.

Make a plan – Creating a plan will also motivate you to follow through with your intention to go on a solo trip. First on your plan is to take a leave of absence from work. That’s like a line in the sand that you cross, which means there’s no going back. Although there’s nothing like an impulsive decision, there’s also something to be said about having a fallback plan when things go wrong. Book everything you need to book – Booking ahead of time also gives the advantage of getting a discount. But it’s just good sense to make sure you have a bed to sleep on and also tickets to some attractions you most wanted to see. Just take them out of the list you should be worried about.

Solo Travelers’ Delight: What To Do In Concord on Your Solo Trip

You’ve embarked on your solo trip to Concord, CA. You won’t have any trouble finding awesome things to do. Here are a few places that you may want to consider:

Concord Pavilion

If you’re a fan of music, comedy, or live entertainment; this is a place for you! The Concord Pavilion hosts many events throughout the summer. It’s also a great place to come together with locals and fellow travelers.

Brew Tour

Love craft beer? If so, Concord has a treat for you. Hop on the beer trail and give the local brewers some love. You may just find your next favorite beer.

Todos Santos

If you’re looking for a farmer’s market, a central marketplace, or somewhere to unwind; you’ve found it. Todos Santos Plaza is a beautiful 2.5 acre space that hosts the local farmer’s market, live entertainment, and many other events. It’s a sort of community hub that you’ll certainly want to check out.

aRt Cottage

Yes! Check out the beautiful aRt Cottage on Mount Diablo Street. This hub for the arts is a wonderful place to discover local artists and some of their finest works.
Bring Outdoor Shoes

Concord has many activities for the thrill-seeker in you. One of which is the Mount Diablo Trail. There are a few ways to reach the top of the mountain, some of which are more challenging than others. Regardless of the way you reach the top, you’re guaranteed to capture a beautiful view!

Concord has activities for any type of traveler. Whether you’re taking a day trip or staying for a few weeks; be sure to check out some of the places on this list.

Story by: Delilah Farrell