Bay Area Foodie Couple Share Their Favorite Halloween Treats & Memories

Power couple, Sonia and Rachael of Hungry In The Bay share their favorite Halloween treats, recipes, and traditions. Read what inspired them to get into the foodie influencer game.

Favorite Bay Area Halloween tradition?

Honestly, we do whatever strikes us in the moment. We’ve gone to friend’s parties in the past. We’ve stayed in and watched scary movies. We’ve bought candy to eat ourselves. I guess our tradition is that we don’t have a tradition. :) 

What is your favorite Halloween treat?
It’s probably one of the most disliked Halloween candy out there. Candy Corn lol It’s my favorite because I vividly remember eating it as a child during the holiday, the feeling of the weather changing and it getting colder, and just how it made me feel happy inside.

Rachael: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, no question. When I was a kid, my best friend and I would raid our younger siblings' candy bags for all the Reese’s PB cups. The addiction runs deep. Lol

Favorite Halloween memory?
Sonia: Dressing up as Wonder Woman when I was 6 years old. Having watched the original show as a young child, it got me so excited to wear this costume for Halloween. Putting this costume on as a little girl made me feel strong and empowered. It was such an amazing feeling to have at such a young age.

Rachael: Trick or treating with my friends and going to all the decked out houses in our neighborhoods. Also, going to Disneyland on Halloween.

Any favorite fall recipes you are cooking up in your kitchen? 

Rach loves to make up new vegan dessert recipes. She’s always experimenting with different fall flavors. Pumpkin, apple, spices, etc. This year she came up with a pumpkin pie parfait that incorporates Biscoff cookies and it’s TDF (to die for).

What inspired you two to start a foodie Instagram account? Aside from your love of food of course!
Sonia: Honestly, COVID was a big driver behind us starting Hungry In The Bay. Being isolated and unable to eat out or interact with people for a year and a half made us realize how much we actually enjoy connecting with others. Once we were vaccinated, we started going back out and supporting local restaurants. Rach is a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer, so she started snapping photos and taking videos of our food while we were out. We started really having fun with it and decided to create an Instagram account and have gotten a great response.

We have always wanted to work on something that we truly loved together, as a couple, that allows us to be our goofy, authentic selves. This was a perfect way to do that. Now we’re really into it and absolutely loving connecting with people, restaurants, and brands all over the country…and the world. Looking forward to even more fun outings, great food, new friends, and good times.

Top 3 Concord restaurants you want to try in October?
1. Yard House
2. Doppio Zero
3. Sushi Momoyama

Rachael & Sonia's favorite fall recipe, Pumpkin Pie Parfait
Foodie Halloween costumes for foodie influencers
This duo is always on the hunt for delicious food in the Bay Area

The couple has been on a mission to try out and feature the best food options Concord has to offer on their feed. Check out some of their restaurant reels here:

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