Doppio Zero

Doppio Zero, where you’ll find comfort, conversation, and the best Neapolitan pizza and Southern Italian cuisine Mountain View, Cupertino, and San Francisco has to offer.

Enjoy the taste of fresh, top-notch ingredients brought together in traditional Campania recipes, from polipetti pulled straight from the Mediterranean Sea to pizzas pulled from our wood-fired oven.

If you’re looking for pizza that is 100% autentica, Doppio Zero is the best you’ll find outside of Naples.

Doppio Zero also serves the best cuisine from Campania and the rest of Southern Italy that you’ll find within 100 miles of Mountain View. Simple yet rich, nourishing yet light, everything on our menu is crafted in-house to ensure the finest and freshest ingredients are used to give your palate the greatest possible pleasure. Locally sourced whenever possible and brought straight from Italy whenever necessary, only the best food touches our plate and passes your lips.

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