Restaurant BINGO


🎉 Join the Month-Long Bingo Extravaganza in Concord! 🎉

Are you ready for a culinary adventure like no other? Get your taste buds tingling and your bingo cards ready because Visit Concord presents a thrilling month-long bingo game that will take you on a delectable journey through the city's finest restaurants!

🍽️ How to Play:

  • Pick up your bingo card at any participating restaurant or Visit Concord.
  • Each restaurant on the card is a square waiting to be filled with a sticker upon your visit.
  • Get a sticker when you make a purchase at a participating restaurant.
  • Achieve BINGO by completing a row, column, or diagonal on your card.
    • Feel like upping your game? Go for multiple BINGOs or aim for a blackout on your card to increase your chances of winning big! Each BINGO = an entry into the raffle.

💼 Prizes Galore:

Bring your completed bingo card to Visit Concord and be entered into our drawing to win an exciting prize!

The first 50 participants to achieve at least one bingo and bring their cards in at Visit Concord will score a fabulous reusable utensil kit and 2 FREE movie tickets to Brenden Theater upon presenting their card during business hours. (One kit per participant)

📅 Mark Your Calendar:

Winners will be announced on May 6th (via text/email), with three lucky individuals walking away with fantastic prizes!

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure filled with fun and prizes? Don't miss out on this exciting event brought to you by Visit Concord. Get your bingo cards and start exploring the flavors of Concord like never before!

Let the bingo games begin! 🍀🎉

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