Monument Crisis Center Spring Into Action Food Drive


Thank you for the many food drives you have hosted, donor programs you have organized, and prayers you have offered. What I call "Food Drive Fatigue" is a real thing. Vaccines are becoming more accessible, people are moving around and planning vacations, and summer will be here soon. Most will forget about hunger in the community as of course is normal.

This is the time we struggle with lagging food donations in the best of times, and with the increased need this year, it may be even more daunting. To try and combat this fatigue, we are organizing a Spring Stock Up food drive.

From now until April 14, you can host a drive aimed at students at home on Spring Break when food insecurity soars. In preparation for the summer months, we can stock up on peanut butter, jelly, and cereal to make sure families are ready in the months to come. If you are interested please see the flyer below or contact me anytime.

Donation Drop Off Dates and Times:

Monday - Wednesday, 9 AM to 12 Noon

See Shopping list below or click here to download.

MCC Spring Food Drive