11/ 3/ 18 Diablo Summit Stomp

The longer you go, the more you see and experience!  Courses are all on dirt trails, heading out from Castle Rock park in Walnut Creek, heading into Mount Diablo State Park — all the way to the summit for the 30K. Click here to register for the race. 

7:45am: Half Marathon/30K Early Start Time

8:15am: 30K

8:30am: Half Marathon

9:00am: 10k

9:15am: 5k

The 30K will start at 8:15 am and the course will have a time limit of 6.5 hours.

On-Course Cut-Offs

30K runners must reach the following aid stations by the times listed:

Aid Station #3 (helipad aid, first visit at approximately mile 9): 11:15

Aid Station #4 (summit aid, approximately mile 12): 12:45

Aid Station #5 (helipad aid, second visit at approximately mile 15): 1:45