Cleaner Contra Costa FALL CHALLENGE!


Join our Fall Challenge Sept - Nov 2022!

It’s that time again- Fall Challenge time! Now through the end of November, you can help us get 500 more households signed up and reach our goal to save 1100 tons of CO2. That’s equivalent to 2,200,000 pounds of CO2 saved! Earn prizes along the way!

To kick off the Fall Challenge, try our September Actions of the Month:

Skip The Packaging: Buy in Bulk: 40% of all the plastic produced each year is made for just one purpose: Single-use packaging. Try buying a big container of Goldfish crackers instead of all the individual packs and using reusable bags for your snacks!

Combine Trips: With a little planning you can combine activities like going shopping and to the gym and save both gas and money!

Install Low Flow: Replacing old fixtures with low-flow models like toilets, showerheads, and faucets can pay for itself in water and energy savings. Installing new low flow shower heads alone can save Americans almost $5 billion in water and heating costs! Be sure to check the Resources at the bottom (must be logged in) to see discounted and free devices through EBMUD and Contra Costa Water.

Be sure to check off any action that you have completed on Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge in order to have your points, water savings, and CO2 reduction count for Contra Costa.