Catch that Critter

This event has expired and is here for your reference.


Join us in learning about wildlife corridors during the 2020 Bay Area Science Festival!

Learn about wildlife corridors and see if you can catch sight of some critters that may use your own backyard! Set up your own wildlife monitoring system using your eyes, ears, and/or phones. We’ll show you how CSU East Bay has set up their camera trap system in the Diablo foothills and what critters they’re seeing. It’s amazing how many animals are connected to us through our shared habitats. Let’s see what you find where you are!

Activity will take place over five days. Day one: activity overview and instructions. Day Two through Four: catching critters. Day Five: show and tell.

Informational worksheets will be provided, including useful tools for continuing studies. Use of cameras and/or phones is recommended but not necessary. Journaling is encouraged.