Ultimate Sports Connection LLC

Ultimate Sports Connection is brand-new, air-conditioned 25,000-square-foot facility! Located in the Heritage Square shopping center owners Monica and Abra are very excited about joining the concord Community.

USC is taking the utmost care when it comes to health and safety. We have implemented strict and frequent gym and equipment sanitation.

About Ultimate Sports Connection
Our Vision: To guide each athlete as they uncover and cultivate their unique strengths and talents through a commitment to high-caliber training, safety, and sportsmanship.

Ultimate Sports Connection was established to develop strength in both the mind and body of today’s youth through sports while cultivating self-confidence and discipline to better serve and engage the community around them.

Now enrolling for summer camps, gymnastics classes & competitive teams!

  • 1150 Concord Ave
  • Concord, CA 94520
  • Phone: 408-205-6601
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday: 8:30AM to 8:30PM