Hot Spot for Enjoying Hot Pot

What’s hot pot? Think Asian fondue. For the unfamiliar, hot pot (also known as steamboat) is an East Asian stew where guests order their choice of meats, seafood and vegetables and then cook them in a pot of boiling broth in the center of their table. It’s a fun, unique way for friends or families to spend time together while enjoying delicious food.

After working for several years in the restaurant industry, owner Samson Cheung decided to open Steamboat in his hometown of Concord. Beginning in his days working as a waiter, Cheung loved creating an environment where his customers could enjoy a celebratory night full of memories while enjoying a delicious meal. With food as a central theme in how we celebrate big and small occasions, Cheung had a desire to create an inviting, casual environment and knew hot pot was the perfect food to bring people together.

Steamboat offers guests a variety of options and caters to their various taste and food preferences. Looking for a vegetarian broth? No problem! Like your food extra spicy? They will gladly accommodate. And what memorable dining experience is complete without a delicious dessert? Steamboat proudly serves Brick macaron ice cream sandwiches. Between their vibrant colors and rich, creamy finish, guests won’t be able to resist this sweet summation to their meal.

  • Cuisine Type:
    • 1845 Willow Pass Rd
    • Concord, CA 94520
    • Phone: 925-246-9999
    • Hours: Monday-Sunday: 5 p.m.-12 a.m.