333 Arts


Three Thirty Three Arts re-imagines the neighborhood as a shared culture using art as the universal language.

Three Thirty Three Arts started out in 2015 as the non-profit Dragon School with the initial mission to add beautiful public artwork to Oakland’s Chinatown community. Dragon School gained widespread recognition for the amount of artwork done for Chinatown and the East Bay, as well as how it inspired people to take notice and get involved in community. As the organization evolved over the years it has attracted more artists, volunteers, sponsors, and partners outside of Oakland that are drawn to the inspiring artwork and the concept of bringing people together to collaborate on projects for communities.

Learn more about Local Edition and Creative Concord HERE.

Check out the most recent murals at the Brenden Theatres produced by Local Edition Creative in conjunction with Three Thirty Three Arts HERE.

  • 712 Bancroft Rd
  • Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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