The Tasty Tale of Concord's Cheese Zombie

The only thing comparable to Concord’s renowned Cheese Zombies is the story behind them.

local food delicacy known as cheese zombie

In the early morning hours within Mount Diablo High School's kitchen, the delicious orb of dough and cheese came to be. The story begins over fifty years ago with two bakers, 144 pounds of dough and a layer of American cheese.

In 1963, Decla Phillips and Helen Beloc worked as bakers for Mount Diablo High School. The duo created the legendary Cheese Zombie by rolling out 144 pounds of dough, then stretching the dough onto baking sheets where it would be covered by a layer of American cheese, followed by another layer of dough. Small circles were cut and the edges were crimped using a special tool to keep the cheese from oozing out once melted. Once baked, the concoction becomes a doughy, gooey, cheesy ball of deliciousness. Served as a brunch treat for the students, Decla and Helen's Cheese Zombie quickly became a favorite and was adopted by schools throughout the East Bay.

Today, Mount Diablo High School alumni, locals and travelers come from near and far to get a taste of the beloved snack. At Patty’s Original Cheese Zombies, the choices are endless with breakfast-style zombies and unique zombies like BBQ chicken, taco and ham and cheese. Patty’s is open 7 days a week and is a must while visiting Concord.

Where to get your fix:

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Patty's Original Cheese Zombies

Patty worked for over 15 years in the very school district where Cheese Zombies were created, spending six pf those years as a baker. Having perfected the craft of Cheese Zombies, Patty opened her very own store in 2013.

The shop is open 7 days a week, Monday through Saturday until 6pm and Sunday until 3pm or until they sell out. Check Patty's Facebook page or website for hours and specials.

local food favorite

TastyZombies at Todos Santos Plaza

TastyZombies, located in Walnut Creek, brings their version of the Cheese Zombie to Todos Santos Plaza for the Farmer's Market every Tuesday from 10am-2pm (year-round) and Thursday 4-8pm (April-October). The owners of TastyZombie claimed to have learned their craft from Decla and Helen, the original Cheese Zombie creators. Come taste for yourself!



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