Perfect Planning: 7 Tips for Booking Your Next Event Venue

1. Location

Whether you’re planning a business meeting or hosting a social gathering, choosing the perfect location for your guests should always be top of mind.

Are your guests traveling to attend the event? If so, choose a location that is accessible to lodging options and public transportation. Events that require overnight stays call for conveniences outside the main event. Select a venue that is close to dining and entertainment options to ensure your guests enjoy all aspects of their trip.

If the event is closer to home, opt for venues with convenient parking or access to public transportation.

2. Availability

Selecting a venue that is available on your preferred dates is a given, but what about the other details?

When scheduling the venue, consider other services you may need to reserve, such as hotel rooms, catering, AV equipment and anything else you may need to prearrange.

3. Accommodations & Amenities

Prior to choosing a venue, make a list of any features your event requires. Consider elements that your meeting or gathering may require such as free Wi-Fi, AV equipment, access to outlets for charging electronics, adequate parking and internal setup and cleanup. Choosing a venue with these capabilities in-house will check one more item off your event planning to-do list.

Another important consideration is accessibility for attendees with restricted movement. Determine if the selected venue has accommodations available for those with an inability to walk up or down stairs or longer distances.

4. Size

The selected venue should have enough space to keep guests comfortable throughout the event. Is there space to get up and move around? Does the area have room for everyone to be comfortably seated at tables? Are there any obstructions that would hinder a part of the room from seeing a speaker or screen clearly?

5. Cost

Shop for a venue that is within your budget from the start. While an expensive venue may seem like the place to splurge, there are other areas to spice up an event such as entertainment, catering and décor.

Inquire about any additional costs or included offers, such as food and beverage agreements, hotel accommodations, discounted booking dates or required deposits. Hotels will often consolidate costs for large events or offer special discounts for planners. Diablo Valley offers discounted rates when booking 50 or more hotel rooms and when booking a meeting or event Thursday-Sunday.

6. Flexibility

Are the event spaces flexible? If your meeting agenda includes breakout sessions or will eventually open into a larger room, you may want to shop for a venue that can configure into different setups. Bonus points if the venue’s staff will set up new arrangements on the fly.

7. Sustainability

Sustainability is top of mind for many people, including venues. Many event locations have sustainability practices in place and will work with planners to incorporate these aspects into their event. An eco-friendly meeting can be as simple as using recyclable materials and having access to recycling bins.

When all is said and done, the venue is key to a successful event. Diablo Valley boasts over 75,000 square feet of meeting space at nine hotels, along with 1,300 guest rooms and easy access to transportation in a sunny, temperate climate. With options for every event budget, there is no surprise why meeting planners keep Diablo Valley at the top of their venue list.

Let us help you plan the perfect event!

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