Can a vegetarian conquer the Taco Trail Challenge? Yes, he can!

Concord Taco Trail fan shares his experience as one of the Top 5 Challengers

Hi, my name is Spencer S. and this is my first year doing the Concord Taco Trail. I had seen the stickers for the trail in the past, so I was excited to give it a go this year. 

My big goal with the Taco Trail was to try and go to every location on the list, which I’m proud to have accomplished! It took some planning to get it done, and I even took a Saturday to go to six different taquerias! I am actually a vegetarian, so I was a little worried about how I would do on the trail. Thankfully, all the places had at least something on their menu I could get, or were generous enough to make some kind of accommodation or substitute. As a matter of fact, some locations that I thought would be the most difficult for a vegetarian turned out to be some of the best!

There are three places in particular that really stood out to me. First, Mercado del Sol. This was my first time trying them, and they had absolutely outstanding, authentic, flavorful dishes. The second is Canasta Kitchen. They were already one of our favorite places to go to eat chilaquiles for breakfast, but now, under new ownership, they offer vegan pastor; an outstanding option for vegetarians and vegans in the local area! Last, Herencia Hidalguense La Casa de la Barbacoa. I was actually a little concerned at first that they would have very limited options for vegetarians, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! They had tons of options for vegetarians, including huitlacoche, which I haven’t seen offered at too many places!

I had a great time doing the Taco Trail, celebrating the Latinx culture this month, trying out new places, and exploring Concord. A special thank you to my lovely wife, who supported me throughout this! There were a lot of tacos to get through, and I couldn’t have done it without her!

I would strongly encourage everyone to go try out some of the wonderful local taquerias we have here in Concord. Who knows; you may just find a new favorite spot! We did!

One of the many stops on the trail.
Mexican food for days during the challenge!
Taco mania!

Did you know that the Concord Taco Trail is year round? Download your passport, check into all of the participating locations on the map and get a, “Trail Master” certificate. First 10 check-in’s get a free t-shirt or pair of socks, redeemable at Concord Visitor Center. 

More info: HERE