Introducing the Concord Taco Champions!

There are two types of people in the world: those who like tacos and those who LOVE tacos.

There are two types of people in the world: those who like tacos and those who LOVE tacos. It’s safe to say that those who explored the Concord Taco Trail love this Taco Tuesday staple. However, for two Taco Trail Champions, the path to discovering the best taco was paved with salsa and self-discovery. 

Leyanne Amos, Concord Taco Trail’s newly crowned “Trail Champion”, knew she wanted to win and was ready to eat her way through Concord to do it. After being the first explorer to claim her taco shirt just a week into the trail’s launch, she saw the trophy and was hooked.

“I did the math and divided how many tacos I would have to eat per day to get through the trail,” Amos said. From September 1 through October 15, she checked into all 30-something restaurants on the trail-- the only registered explorer to hit all of them.

Even though she’s lived in Concord most of her life, there were a number of restaurants she hadn’t tried before. “My favorite on the trail is Tortilleria El Molino,” Amos said. “I love their tacos and their hours.”

In second place, Emily Lawson racked up an impressive 14 check-ins. She took on the trail later than most, starting her journey in October rather than September.  “There were a lot of spots near me, and we actually found a new favorite go-to place: Los Portales,” she said. Coincidentally, Los Portales also turned to be the top ranked fan-favorite taco trail location based on the total number of check-ins.

Both Amos and Lawson say they can even order in Spanish when needed. “It’s hard to mess up ordering a taco” explained Amos whose go-to order goes between carnitas and pollo, “People just want good tacos!”. Well, look no further-- they’re right here in Concord, California. 

Concord is currently home to 39 deliciously authentic, family-owned taquerias and restaurants just waiting to be explored. Although the Taco Trail made its official debut in 2020, great Mexican food has been a part of Concord’s heritage and legacy since the city was founded in 1869. 

For more information, visit Concord Taco Trail.