Eco-Friendly Travel Tips on Concord Ca

When it comes to travel, it is important that the places you visit work hard to improve the environment and are overall eco-friendly.

Whether its conserving water, using LED lighting or using local and fresh ingredients, Concord is on top of the game. The City of Concord is committed to the safety, environment, sustainability, and quality of life of the community.

It is estimated that the focus on daily sustainability could reduce direct household greenhouse gas emissions by 20% or 123 million metric tons annually nationwide. The City of Concord has established and supported several programs to help residents and business owners to lessen their carbon footprint, as well as to shrink the city footprint. The City hopes to surpass the state-mandated levels by increasing margins over time by implementing the Climate Action Plan and to be transparent about city wide progress.

Local businesses are also trying to improve their carbon footprint by making their hotels and restaurants more eco-friendly environments. Here are some of those businesses bettering Concord one green city at a time:

Concord Hilton

The Hilton has installed wellness rooms in a plan to make their hotel eco-friendly. These PURE rooms with help you breath better with cleaner air handling units and use all natural plant based products, another step at helping the environment. You can also do your part as a guest by reusing towels during your stay!

Crowne Plaza Hotel

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is also making an effort when it comes to going green. They use the IHG Green Engage system, an innovative online environmental sustainability system that gives the hotels the means to measure and manage their impact on the environment. The hotels can choose from over 200 ‘Green Solutions’ that are designed to help them reduce their energy, water and waste, and improve their impact on the environment.


Many Concord restaurants are also taking this initiative. Using none plastic silverware is one step in doing so. Restaurants like Eureka use paper straws to reduce their use of plastic. Some other restaurants like Super Duper Burgers have biodegradable packaging helping the environment one meal at a time.

Saving on Gas

Stopping for gas constantly can be damaging to the environment and your wallet. This article features effective ways to save money on gas and to be more conscious of the gas being used. Avoiding traffic, keeping engines tuned and dialing down the heat are all effective ways to use less gas, and to spend less time at the pump.


A typical car gets about 21 miles per gallon. A BART rider gets the equivalent of 224 miles per gallon and 422 miles per gallon during the peak commute period. On average, BART is 10 times more efficient than a typical car driven alone (on a passenger-miles per gallon basis of comparison). During the peak commute period BART is 20 times more efficient.

BART Green Energy Quick Facts

  • 2016 average number of weekday trips..................................433,394
  • Average trip length..................................................................14.7 miles
  • Gallons of gas saved by avoiding driving (round trip).............1.4 gallons
  • CO2e avoided in one average round trip................................27.0 lb CO2e

BART's Energy Regeneration

Conventional BART trains are 100% electric. As the trains brake, BART trains convert their kinetic energy of motion into electrical energy. Some of the energy regenerated during the process is returned to the power distribution system where it is then used by other trains. BART to Antioch trains use 100% renewable diesel.

An Even More Energy Efficient Future

  • BART’s new trains will be electric and will offer a variety of sustainable features that reduce energy use and pollution:
  • Lightweight aluminum exterior reduces energy use and the aluminum can be recycled when the trains cars are eventually retired.
  • White roofs reflect heat and reduce the load on the interior cooling system.
  • LED lighting reduces energy use.
  • Seats are 74% recyclable by weight.
  • Space is dedicated for bikes.


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