High-Flying Flavors and Sweet Surprises at Alpine Pastry and Cakes

Join us as we discover the rich history, irresistible treats, and skilled craftsmanship of this beloved local bakery in the heart of Concord.

Nestled in the heart of Concord, California, Alpine Pastry is more than just a bakery, it's a cherished community landmark with a history dating back to 1963. Currently owned by a Swiss couple, Alpine Pastry has been serving delectable pastries, cakes, and treats for over five decades, endearing itself to locals and visitors alike. 

The story behind Alpine Pastry is as sweet as its treats. Known initially as Cake Masters, the bakery transformed when the previous owner took over, renaming it Alpine Pastry and Coffee Shop. In 1984, the current owners, Gabriela, and her husband, passionate skydivers and aviation enthusiasts, acquired Alpine Pastry and have lovingly operated it ever since. 

Alpine Pastry and Coffee Shop menus and pictures are located on the back of Alpine Pastry and Cakes shop for customers to view.

Even with its rich heritage, Alpine Pastry remains committed to innovation while honoring tradition. During our visit, we had the privilege of conversing with some talented bakers, many of whom have refined their craft at Alpine. Their unwavering dedication and meticulous approach infuse the bakery with a tranquil and creatively stimulating atmosphere. From the initial kneading of dough to the moment a customer takes their first bite, it's evident that every step is imbued with the same passion and care.

We were privileged to meet the Alpine staff and witness firsthand the artistry behind their macarons.

In addition to its classic offerings, Alpine Pastry regularly introduces new items while keeping old favorites on the menu. One example is the coffee crunch cake, a customer favorite recently brought back due to popular demand. Alpine Pastry's connection to the community goes beyond its delicious treats. The bakery actively supports local schools and events, truly making it a community hub. Customers often return to Alpine Pastry with their children, creating new memories while reliving old ones.

These smiley-faced cookies are a customer favorite, eagerly awaiting display in the front pastry case.

Looking ahead, Alpine Pastry is considering new initiatives such as gluten-free options and online ordering to adapt to changing times while remaining true to its heritage. When asked about the community's favorite treat, Gabriela mentioned, "The snail or, in other words, a Danish!" So come by and satisfy your ConcordCraving with something delicious! Plus, keep an eye out for future posts like this one, where we showcase more of Concord's must-visit local food spots!

A Concord community favorite according to the owner, Gabriela.


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