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01/ 19/ 18 - 01/ 28/ 18 Concord Comfort Food Restaurant Week

Program Part of Statewide California Restaurant Month Promoting California’s Culinary Experiences

More than 20 Concord businesses will celebrate Concord Comfort Food Restaurant Week January 19-28, announced Elaine Schroth, Executive Director of Visit Concord.

Visit Concord Comfort Food Week“Our First Annual Concord Comfort Food Restaurant Week is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of some of most authentic culinary experiences in our destination, some not available any other time of the year,” Schroth noted. “January is also a great time to get hotel deals and experience the diversity of what our destination offers, from recreational activities to local art shows.”

Here’s how it works:

The 1ST ANNUAL CONCORD COMFORT FOOD WEEK finds your comfort meal in our diverse Concord restaurant scene. Each participating restaurant will provide a featured menu item reflecting comfort with our culinary diversity. No tickets necessary – just ask for the Concord Comfort Food Restaurant Week menu to get started on comfort eating!

For more information and a list of participating restaurants, visit www.visitconcordca.com.

Concord Restaurant Week is part of California Restaurant Month, designated by Visit California. Now in its eighth year, California Restaurant Month drives business for local restaurants and entices out-of-state travelers to visit California.

From the coastal beach towns of Southern California to the High Sierra and the Redwoods, dozens of destinations are hosting restaurant weeks and special events, shining a light on the many talented people and places in each region.

“California Restaurant Month is a celebration of California’s unparalleled culinary bounty,” said Caroline Beteta, Visit California President & CEO. “Fueled by the state’s vast supply of fresh ingredients, talented chefs and diverse cultural influences, California cuisine is recognized around the globe for being both innovative and delicious.”

In 2016, travelers in California spent $33.9 billion on food and beverage (Source: Dean Runyan Associates), and 38 million domestic visitors participated in fine dining throughout the state. For more information about California Restaurant Month, visit www.DineinCa.com.



What is California Restaurant Month?
CRM is a promotional initiative created in 2011 designed to encourage post-holiday travel to the Golden State during the month of January and to continue to position the state as the top culinary destination in the country.
When is California Restaurant Month?
CRM takes place annually during the entire month of January.
Where does California Restaurant Month take place?
Dozens of destinations throughout the state take part in CRM each year, each with its own group of participants, including restaurants, farms, breweries, wineries, etc.
What do restaurants offer during California Restaurant Month?
Each destination’s local Restaurant Month offer will be unique to their destination. Culinary programming could include:

  • Restaurant week programs with themed menus focused on seasonality, special ingredients, signature dishes, or local fare
  • A series of culinary experiences such as winemaker, brewer, forager, or slow food events, VIP Tours, etc
  • Food festivals and related ancillary programming

What’s new for California Restaurant Month in 2018?
CRM was first activated in 2011 to promote Restaurant Week events hosted throughout the state by destination partners, highlighting discount-centric events at restaurants. The program expanded its focus to promote a broad range of culinary content and programming. Program offerings should be unique to January and CRM that allow you as the destination to tell your story and let your culinary all-stars in your region shine! Visit California will produced a series of webinars to help destinations leverage California Restaurant Month promotional opportunities including:

  • September 20, 2017: Creating your California Restaurant Month Program
  • October 26, 2017: Marketing & PR Best Practices
  • December 7, 2017: CRM promotional opportunities

Who can be included in the promotion?
Participating destinations will celebrate restaurants and local talent, including agricultural producers, farmers’ markets, breweries, wineries, food tours and much more through unique culinary programming.
How can I join California Restaurant Month?
The CRM program partners directly with local DMOs. These destination partners create their own Restaurant Week or Restaurant Month events and recruit restaurants and culinary partners directly. Interested participants should contact their local organizations for more information on how they can become involved.
Our destination will be hosting a Restaurant Week, but we’d like to invite other partners to expand on this with individual events. Is this possible?
Yes, of course! Please encourage your local culinary partners to get creative with unique events or opportunities to supplement your programming. In addition to enjoying the Restaurant Week deals, these events will provide visitors with even more reasons to wine & dine in California throughout the month of January.
What types of events outside of Restaurant Week can we host?
Help us tell your region’s culinary story on a global stage, whether it’s a special chef event with a local celebrity chef, behind-the-scenes farmers’ market tours, food and produce tours, progressive dinners led by local tour companies or winemaker tastings. CRM is an opportunity for visitors and foodies to start the New Year off right by experiencing the diverse culinary landscape of the Golden State.
How will California Restaurant Month be promoted?
CRM support includes:

  • A dedicated Web page at DineinCA.com, listing the CRM programming taking place throughout the state including offers details, and reciprocal links to destination Web sites
  • Strategic social media and online marketing efforts including dedicated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts featuring destination details, as well as a Twitter Chat, and Facebook live activation
  • Targeted PR outreach to national and regional media encouraging consumers to read about the special offers going on across the state; as well as coordinating PR efforts with participating destination organizations

How does a visitor take advantage of California Restaurant Month? Where do they go for more information?
Visitors can go to DineinCA.com to see which destinations are participating and for direct links to their local Web sites for offer details, events and participating restaurants. Reservations for individual restaurants are recommended as these programs tend to be popular and fill up quickly.