Satisfy your cravings for Asian cuisine in Concord!

If you love all types of Asian food, you’re in luck!. Whether you crave Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian or others, Concord offers dozens of options for delicious and authentic Asian food of all varieties. Here are some of the favorite local spots currently offering takeout and delivery options:

Concord has more than ten Chinese restaurants ranging from casual fast-food to family-style eateries. Most offer classic options from basic chow mein and wonton soup to more exotic fare. New Lim’s Garden specialized in Hong-Kong style seafood dishes and Lucky Star Restaurant is a small restaurant with high marks from reviewers for their excellent service and authentic food. 

The Japanese food scene in Concord is growing fast, with 12 local restaurants that serve authentic sushi and other Japanese dishes. Mikuni is an upscale chain restaurant located inside The Veranda shopping center. Known for sushi and other aesthetically pleasing fare and modern décor, dining at Mikuni always a pleasure. Located near Todos Santos Plaza, I Love Teriyaki & Sushi is a small family-friendly restaurant offering a large menu of traditional Japanese food. Located in Oak Grove Plaza, Ozora Sushi is a sushi house featuring inventive and unique rolls and teriyaki dishes. 

Concord is also home to a number of excellent Korean restaurants. Korea House, located in the Park & Shop, uses traditional Korean kitchen techniques to achieve authentic home style flavors. Ohgane Korean BBQ is part of a Bay Area chain of restaurants that has received recognition in the Michelin Guidebook. Oghane prides themselves in high quality traditional food with big portions for the whole family.  Dong Haeng Korean Restaurant is a small but popular establishment favored by locals.

The Thai food scene in Concord is another that is small but mighty. Concord residents and guests can enjoy Bronze Buddha Thai Fusion located in the Clayton Valley Shopping Center. This restaurant offers affordable meals that everyone will love.  Yum Squared is another favorite spot that serves traditional and affordable Thai food including soup, curry, and chicken.

Indian food incorporates a number of unique flavors and dishes, and Concord is home to several buzzworthy Indian restaurants. Naan N Curry, a small Bay Area chain, is a local favorite. Located near Todos Santos Plaza they offer dishes cooked with lamb, chicken and seafood, with gluten free and vegan options available upon request. Another great one is Swagat Indian Cuisine located in downtown and known for their butter chicken dish. They also offer an extensive menu with soups, salads, vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees, tandoori dishes and biryani entrees. 

Another popular type of Asian cuisine is Vietnamese, and there are a number of great options in Concord. Saigon Bistro is a small restaurant with multiple locations around the Bay Area. Known for their Bahn mi sandwiches and classic pho, this easy and affordable restaurant is a favorite. Pho Huynh Hiep 5, also known as Kevin’s Noodle House, is the “Best Pho in Town” and has multiple locations around the Bay Area and San Francisco. This restaurant is known for their noodle soups and grilled dishes and has an authentic menu of Vietnamese cuisine. 

Finally, a couple of popular Asian-fusion restaurants in Concord are Asian Cafe and Steamboat. Asian Cafe is located in Afton Ridge and features an award-winning sushi bar and a popular create-your-own stir fry bar as well. They serve sushi as well as Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese food options. Steamboat, also known as China Village 2, is a Hot Pot restaurant with a vast array of menu options for everyone to choose from. Located in the Park & Shop, Steamboat is a modern, family-friendly restaurant that serves great food.