Thank you Save Mount Diablo

From protecting and defending natural land, to educating and donating visitor center materials-- Save Mount Diablo is working to make sure the Eye of the East Bay stays watching over Concord.

As we move into the Orange tier amidst COVID-19 restrictions, the Concord Visitor Center is now accepting visitors and tours by appointment and walk-in for small groups of three or less.

Come and explore our Mount Diablo section with local photography and paintings featuring the one and only Eye of the East Bay. Mount Diablo alcove is sponsored by Save Mount Diablo. It includes free maps for the area, their seasonal magazine, postcards for sale, and more. Plus, coming soon, visitors can look forward to an interactive display to explore more of the mountain and its hikes to enjoy from the Visitor Center. Plan your trip to Mount Diablo and ascend to view Concord from new heights.  

The non-profit located int eh San Francisco East Bay has spent the last 50 years preservingrestoring, and teaching others about the ecological wonder that is Mount Diablo. Since Save Mount Diablo’s founding in 1971, the preserved lands on Mount Diablo and its foothills have been increased from just over 6,788 acres in one park to over 120,000 acres and more than 50 parks.

Our partnership with Save Mount Diablo allows the Visit Concord team to show off even more of the East Bay mountain. From hikes to incredible natural wonders, the 3,894 foot tall mountain serves as a reservoir of biodiversity, a core habitat for wildlife in California. Whether you’re planning a trek up the mountain, looking for the best stopping spots, or interested in learning more about what might meet you out on the Mountain-- stop in and check out our Concord Visitor Center and get info specific to your trip.