The Concord Visitor Center

Conveniently located in the heart of Concord’s historic downtown in Todos Santos Plaza, the Concord Visitor Center is open and ready to welcome guests.

In collaboration with the Concord Arts Association, Concord Historical Society, East Bay Regional Parks and Mt. Diablo State Park, the Visitor Center offers visual displays, printed materials and merchandise throughout the facility. 

Visitor Center Features:

Jazz Wall

Jazz Wall

The newest addition to the Visitor Center is our Jazz Wall. The wall represents the history of Jazz in Concord featuring old Jazz Festival Posters, images of part performers and a large Concord Jazz Festival decorative “C” created by Andre Vogel. Visit Concord was also donated two containers full of old memorabilia including old Cook books, cassette tapes and photo albums that are available to view upon request.

Concord Historical Society

Concord History

The Concord Historical Society provided the Center with a complete series of historic photographs that illustrate Concord’s growth and development over the years. The collection fills up an entire wall with a visual depiction of the city’s unique history from mid-1800s through modern times. Our collaboration with CHS has also led to the new audio version of their historical walking tour (available now,) plus a brand-new walking tour map.

Green Map

Green Map

Visit Concord’s fun, larger-than-life wall art map of Concord hangs above our meeting space.

Concord Art Wall

Concord Art Association Wall

The Concord Art Association works their magic to present a gallery wall of unique pieces created by local artists every quarter. The group also provides an assortment of exclusive postcards and other artist goods for purchase.



The Visitor Center offers a complete line of exclusive Concord merchandise including hats, shirts, towels, blankets, socks, keychains, bandanas and more. Popular themes include Beer Trail, Taco Trail and I (Heart) Concord, as well as items from the Concord Jazz Festival and Oktoberfest.  

Advertising Hootboard


Businesses can advertise on the Center’s interactive Hootboard, an electronic visual display board that showcases all there is to see and do in Concord. Along with advertising and seeing what there is to do in Concord, use the Hootboard's Selfie feature and have some fun!

Brochure Wall

Brochure & Magazine Wall

A variety of brochures and magazines for local and regional attractions are available on our “Brochure Wall” and display rack.



Multiple TV monitors are featured throughout the Center for high-impact, visual displays -- three in front, one in back, plus the interactive Hootboard.



Just outside the large window wall in the center’s meeting area, is a tranquil, tree-shaded garden area that allows a bit of nature to infiltrate the office space. Home Depot in Concord sponsored the recent transformation project by contributing a large, lush collection of plants and flowers, while BSM Landscape of Concord created the beautiful garden space. 

Visit Concord- Visitor Center Mural


Courtesy of our friends at the Concord Art Association, this tranquil garden area is now accompanied by a new garden wall mural. Self-taught artist, Arsenio Baca is the creator of the beautiful mural that now accompanies the garden area in the back of the Visitor Center. Baca also has two other murals up in Concord for display, one being at the middle school Baca himself attended and the other located on 1960 Concord Ave which was done during the Creative Concord event.