With approximately 175 Eichler homes in three separate neighborhoods, Concord has the third largest concentration of Eichler homes in the East Bay.

Underground utilities (and the resulting lack of overhead power lines) enhance the clean modern lines of the Eichler homes in this neighborhood. Many homes in this area feature the characteristics that modern Eichler enthusiasts are searching for, including post and beam construction, radiant floor heating, and a variety of floor plans.

Built in the early 1960s, Rancho del Diablo is an Eichler community of about fifty homes that feature three of Eichler’s most popular models, designed by Claude Oakland, A. Quincy Jones, and Frederick Emmons & Associates. Many of these homes have been well maintained and retain their mid-century appeal. Just around the corner from Rancho del Diablo, bound by West and Salem Streets is a smaller tract of Eichler homes. Two of Concord’s Eichler communities are located south of West Street, between Clayton Road and Wilson Lane. The third is south of Clayton Road, off Babel Lane – along Gainsborough, Barrington, and Merridan Drives. More here on builder Joseph Eichler.The Concord Historical Society, which is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Concord and the surrounding area, offers a Concord Historic Walking Tour to visit the sights and explore this beautiful city. Immerse in the beauty of Concord’s early California theme. You can see 28 historical places in downtown Concord and learn the significance of each one.

From the Todos Santos Plaza that was established in 1869 to the original County Fire House, you can learn a lot about the city of Concord from the historical buildings highlighted on the tour.

See the beauty of the Queen of All Saints Catholic Church. This historic church was first established as part of a mission in 1873. It became a parish in 1923, and the current structure that stands today was completed in 1953 and renovated in 2009.

Aside from regular Mass, the church is also home to regular weddings, baptisms and funerals. Visitors also sometimes stop by just to admire the architecture, and the church also holds regular youth activities.